I began studying chiropractic at New
York Chiropractic College in 1995. At that
time I had very little knowledge of
chiropractic and only one experience
at the chiropractor. Once in school I
felt at home and very intrigued with the
body. Approximately half way through
school I was introduced to Network
Chiropractic, now known as Network
Spinal Analysis. Its philosophy and
approach to working with the body
resonated with me deeply. My
perspective changed greatly and I
began practicing it every chance I had. In less than a year I was
introduced to Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique. I felt another
profound shift inside and was drawn to add it to my repertoire.
My work today includes both techniques inspired through my
intuition and creativity.

“We all have an inner healer inside. I facilitate the process of awakening this inner healer or physician. Our inner physician is intimately related to our brain and spinal chord or nervous system. This neurological system is a major two way communication network of the body. The brain and body give and receive information from each other continuously to ensure optimum function. When these channels remain clear one experiences an enhanced quality of life. Various forms of stress impede these lines of communication and induce compressive tension into our spine and bodies. Neurological compromise occurs and the body is not able to function well without a clear exchange of directives necessary for vitality. The unprocessed energy due to the lack of clear communication then creates further impedance.

Picture your brain and spinal chord as the head and tail of a tadpole. Now picture this tadpole having a saran wrap sheath around it. The nourishing spinal fluid flows between the sheath and the brain and spinal chord. It is this sheath that physically attaches to the spinal bones, specifically the skull, upper cervical vertebrae and the tailbone. This connection creates the possibility for direct access to the nervous system through contact on the spinal bones. Each visit consists of a series of low amplitude contacts on the spine. This direct neurological access facilitates an awakening of ones ability to process the stored energy within. As the compressive tension dissipates the body self aligns. Subsequent sessions further ones self aligning capabilities by enhancing the ability to process stored energy more effectively.

Eventually one becomes masterful of these inherent characteristics and significantly less reliant on this restoration process. When this occurs much of the restoration has taken place. An innate catalytic process takes over and our inner physician is set free. ”
- Mario DiSaverio D.C.